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Linspire Kevin Carmony, CEO of Linspire, writes: "With the recent news of several Linux vendors entering into partnership agreements with Microsoft (Novell, Linspire, Xandros), there has been much debate recently about two factions of Linux forming. Saying that Linux is going to be torn in two, makes for good press and lively debates, but this is certainly nothing new for Linux."
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Linspire CEO
by TBone0 on Thu 28th Jun 2007 19:11 UTC
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"For Linux to be taken seriously by the mainstream distribution channels and enterprise customers, it needs to respect the IP of others.
I'm fine with others who may disagree with Linspire's decision to enter into such licensing deals, but I do take issue with anyone spinning it that Linspire is somehow not taking the high ground."

So you admit to breaking the law for years beforehand? alright then.

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RE: Linspire CEO
by britbrian on Thu 28th Jun 2007 20:14 in reply to "Linspire CEO"
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No surprise, he ignores to mention the patent covenant that really ticks us off or the effect that GPL3 will have. He seems to be respecting Microsoft's patent claims.

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Spot the Reference
by Kroc on Fri 29th Jun 2007 08:55 in reply to "Linspire CEO"
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Linpsire: "Ubuntu, you can't beat me! I have the higher ground!"

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RE: Spot the Reference
by IanSVT on Fri 29th Jun 2007 12:40 in reply to "Spot the Reference"
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Linpsire: "Ubuntu, you can't beat me! I have the higher ground!"

Wait, are you saying Ubuntu is going to have its legs cut off? That probably won't be good for their bottom line.

bud um ching.

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