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Intel "Buried deep in a pile of slashdot comments, Matthew Dillon of DragonFly gives a detailed assessment of the Intel Core bugs. While a lot of news sites and bloggers were quick to dismiss the issue as inflated, Dillon's comments provide a much closer look at the actual issues."
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RE[2]: Every arch has its bugs
by flanque on Sat 30th Jun 2007 23:11 UTC in reply to "RE: Every arch has its bugs"
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Awww.. stop it! You're bring back ssoo many fond memories.. 6502.. beautiful piece of hardware for its time.

The ultimate hardware bug on the C64 was no doubt the discovery of hardware scrolling, used in Mayhem in Monster Land. How on earth someone found out that messing with $D011 during the IRQ could unlock a feature that was never meant to exist is beyond me.

Accident, or perhaps secretly shared knowledge not meant for the masses?

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