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Apple Apple has bought the CUPS code base, and has hired it's lead developer. "CUPS was written by Michael R Sweet, an owner of Easy Software Products. In February of 2007 Apple Inc. hired Michael and acquired ownership the CUPS source code. While Michael is primarily working on non-CUPS projects, he will continue to develop and support CUPS, which is still being released under the existing GPL2/LGPL2 licensing terms."
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RE: Apple bought something useful
by cyclops on Thu 12th Jul 2007 20:30 UTC in reply to "Apple bought something useful"
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What two sides!? This is a happenstance.

Why is this not going to hamper CUPS development? Is there going to be a license change? Can this code compatible with GPL3. Why should they make it better for GNU...its not in their interest.

If you can have *exceptions* to GPL(you don't you can dual license the *your* code) in cups its a disadvantage to GNU not an advantage. Closed source drivers on GNU are worse than there Windows equivalent.

Are your freedoms protected with dual license code?

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