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OpenStep, GNUstep "The Etoile project is pleased to announce the release of version 0.2 of the Etoile User Environment for UNIX-like systems. The Etoile project aims to produce a user environment for desktop and small form-factor devices, with tight integration between components. The 0.2 release is primarily targeted at developers interested in a GNUstep-based environment. This release includes improvements to the Camaelon theme engine, providing a clean and modern appearance to GNUstep-based applications. This is combined with the Etoile Menu Server, providing a horizontal menu bar similar to that found in Mac OS, and making this the first Etoile release with enough features in place to be usable on a daily basis." There are screenshots too.
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RE[5]: +/- floating menu
by bogomipz on Tue 31st Jul 2007 12:41 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: +/- floating menu"
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Actually, I don't think the tab is inspired by BeOS at all. I think the detached menu has that look in order to keep its appearance intact as much as possible while you tear it off. Open a menu in any OS that uses a menubar (pretty much anything but NeXT and RISC). What do you see? A tab! Just look at the little picture of an open File menu in the screenshot's appearance panel. It looks nearly identical to the detached Applications menu, except for the close button on the latter.

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