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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Gutsy Gibbon Tribe 4 is the fourth alpha release of Ubuntu 7.10, and this alpha release brings a list of new features, including Tracker, Openoffice 2.3 Beta, AppArmor, and more. For PowerPC and PS3 see this page in the wiki.
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>I love Ubuntu as much as the next guy, but as a typical desktop user I'm not really seeing much that interests me.

I agree. For a long time i also rushed from one release to the next to get always the latest and greatest.
Now i become lazy to install and configure my system every few months. I have set up Debian Etch and even if it is just GNOME 2.14 it does what i want and i'm happy that i have a system that just works and i don't have to work on it every few months.

After many years of installing at day one the latest and greatest Free Software i become calmer and just enjoy my system.

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I usually just keep a partition or ten around on my test machine for checking out different distros; I usually keep my "workhorse" installation around for quite a while, but I like taking a look at what is new as well.

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If you want cutting edge, love the flexibility and power of Debian but don't want to have to "wait" for the next 'buntu release (or Debian stable,) then I recommend Sidux Linux. Sidux is Debian Sid done right. It's polished and has lots of unique tools for easy desktop configuration. Plus, it has access to the vast amount of Debian packages (no waiting around for Ubuntu developers to create a 'buntu package.) It's fast, stable and best of all, cutting edge. The next big release is only an apt-get dist-upgrade away. People will say that Debian Sid breaks easily due to its rapid development. Fortunately, Sidux posts upgrade warnings on its forums so if you check there before you do an upgrade, you'll likely avoid such situations. I highly recommend Sidux Linux for those power users who find Ubuntu a bit too sedate.

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I would use Sidux, except that it only uses KDE. Granted you could install Gnome on it, but then you may as well just run Debian Sid.

Right now I've gotten rid of Ubuntu on both my Laptop and my Desktop. I'm running Sid on both of them. I was running Gutsy for a while on my laptop, but it was eating it's battery away the same way Vista does.

After I installed Debian Sid, the battery would last twice as long.

Debian Sid also tends to have newer packages for a lot of the emulators which I love to run.

I've noticed that the real differences between Ubuntu and Debian;

+ for Ubuntu:
Newest Gnome
Automatic set up of proper polish (usplash, etc)
Add / Remove programs (Debian finally has this)
Restricted Manager
6 Month release schedule
Packages are included faster, because it takes more time for someone to become an authorized Debian Developer (this is a plus and minus, see below.) Great resource for new software outside of the repositories.

- for Ubuntu
Not tested long enough (stability problems)
Some package dependency issues (nvidia-glx and nvidia-settings even though the settings program is in the nvidia-glx package, or epiphany depending on firefox instead of xulrunner, so you can't run Ubuntu desktop without firefox (although I like firefox, the option should be there)

These really are the differences between Debian Sid. It does look like when Lenny is released, it'll have all the things Gutsy has right now. Xorg 7.3, Gnome 2.20 (or maybe even 2.22).

I haven't really had any breakages in Debian Sid that were major. Kino was uninstallable for a while, but it wouldn't have mattered since the firewire stack in 2.6.22 is now different than it has been before.

Well those are just some thoughts. Ubuntu is shaping up rather nicely, and I always recommend it as an alternative to Windows XP and especially Vista.

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