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Editorial This article is an answer to "Competition Is Not Good" by Kroc and reading it wouldn't be comfortable without switching to and from the original article. I wrote it just because I do strongly disagree with Kroc and I believe I can prove that he is not as close to truth as it may seem from the first glance.
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by kaiwai on Fri 31st Aug 2007 11:54 UTC in reply to "RE"
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In our current political and economic climate, the competition engendered by our patent system is, IMO, a darn good thing, yet we see it being abused in the form of software patent. Sure, competition is good but as quite a few other have put it, only on a level playing field.

The stupid part is the suing of opensource projects! I can understand the need to demand comercial companies selling/distributing patented technology as part of a larger package, say, WMA/WMV/ASF support as part of a Linux distribution, but where is the benefit in punishing those who might otherwise actually contribute in some way indirectly to the original patent holders profitability?

That is where the patent system is screwed up. Take mp3 encoding, what the hell does Faunhoffer benefit by screwing end users into the ground by demanding cash payment for binaries being distributed? Sure, if it is being used within a commercial product, I can understand, but a opensource project like Lame? please, its pathetic to see it in action.

Another problem is this, patent ever greening; this is a major issue within the phamacutical industry where dodgy patent applications are used to extend the life of an existing product to ensure that generic drugs don't come onto the market.

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