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AMD writes: "A quick report from the kernel summit: AMD's representative at the summit has announced that the company has made a decision to enable the development of open source drivers for all of its (ATI) graphics processors from the R500 going forward. There will be specifications available and a skeleton driver as well; a free 2D driver is anticipated by the end of the year. The rest will have to be written; freeing of the existing binary-only driver is not in the cards, and 'that is better for everybody'. Things are looking good on this front. More in the kernel summit report to come."
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by jboss1995 on Wed 5th Sep 2007 21:02 UTC
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Please don't forget that Nvidia was the first to support Linux. Don't look a gift horse in the mouth. It may discourage other vendors from showing Linux favor. I'm am glad that ATI did what they did but don't turn on your old friend. Or at least don't voice it.

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RE: Nvidia
by apoclypse on Wed 5th Sep 2007 22:13 in reply to "Nvidia"
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I don't think that Nvidia was the first to support linux. In-fact I think it was ATI back with the rage pro. Also they had opened their specs before with the R200 line of chips (which is why the OSS drivers work as they do). Its why I never understood why they turned their back on us through the R300/400 series. I'm glad to see that AMD has finally gt rid of those bums at ati who were calling the shots and have finally gotten up to speed. Its funny how everybody hated on ATI now the tables have turned and its Nvidia who are the bad seed. We know that AMD updates their drivers monthly, Nvidia doesn't update their linux offering nearly as much. We now know that the new drivers will actually outperform Nvidia's which is a surprise to say the least. I thought they were going to be comparable in speed, not better, thats a real shocker. So I'm thinking that the competition between the two card makers will spill onto the Linux side soon enough, and this time it will be about the drivers, and not so much the hardware. With better Linux support chances are we will see better game support in Linux, since the lowest common denominator is no longer as low as it was (meaning anything ati) it also may mean that we won't see a huge delay in support for the latest hardware as was once the case, since he drivers are no longe the impediment to functionality.

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RE[2]: Nvidia
by jboss1995 on Wed 5th Sep 2007 23:39 in reply to "RE: Nvidia"
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Sorry, with commercial drivers. Any way lets not discourage anyone who has helped linux in the past. That was my point.

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RE[2]: Nvidia
by Jondice on Wed 5th Sep 2007 22:22 in reply to "Nvidia"
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I'll be sticking with Nvidia for some years yet I imagine. It'll take at least that long for ATI to come close to catching up in the drier area, and by then Nvidia may have already open sourced its drivers.

This is still great news though, as it not only will make ATI viable for many platforms in the future, but put some pressure on Nvidia to follow suite.

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