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SuSE, openSUSE Christoph Thiel annouced the release of openSUSE 10.3 Beta 3. "It's my pleasure to announce the availability of openSUSE 10.3 Beta3. This is the last beta release before entering RC phase in two weeks. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed to this release of openSUSE! Important changes since Beta2: Linux kernel, libzypp 3.22.1; improved package lists of the 1-CD GNOME and KDE editions; countless bug fixes in every component; reworked concept of language bundles."
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Wow, 7.1! I think that is the furthest back by anyone else on this thread;
I have every SUSE box from 4.4.1 onwards. But this does not impress SUSE people when I report bugs.

Just deleted the 10.3 beta3 and went back to beta2, since Nvidia can't be installed and configured on beta3, but it works OK on beta2.
Also, beta2 actually boots fast, while beta3 wastes 30 extra seconds doing nothing while resetting the sata hard drive with failed response.

I am switching my company (and many customers) to Ubuntu, if Novel can't get their act together on 10.3.
I am sick of Beagle and mandb chewing my hard drive instead of letting me do my job.

First login to any account takes one minute. Come one - I have a quad core, 2 GB RAM, 500 GB hard drive, and I have to wait one minute to login!?! Somebody needs to learn how to use a profiler. Next logins are faster, but if you are installing many systems, these one-time configuration inefficiencies sum up quickly. And don't get me started on printer configuration with changed printer database on every mouse click... It takes ages. I don't know what is it doing in the background, but either some parsing code really sucks, or somebody didn't think straight and just makes a lot of useless calculations. Just an example, these things are all over the place.

Yast has its strong points, but with Ubuntu, you have the new package installed faster than Yast comes up (without doing anything).

I really wish SUSE would work properly, and hate to do the switch, since it is much more difficult in a business environment, especially because of support. But I am really sick of steady decline of quality and same issues appearing again with every release. The release cycle is also much too slow now - one release per year is too little, given the sorry state of Linux hardware support and quick turnaround of hardware on the market. Just when your printer becomes supported, you can no longer buy it, because a new model came out.

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