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Gnome Ars has reviewed GNOME 2.20. "GNOME 2.20 was officially released last week after six months of development. The new version includes strong incremental improvements that contribute to a better user experience and provide more flexibility and integration opportunities for third-party software developers."
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RE[2]: Mono required
by segedunum on Tue 25th Sep 2007 22:45 UTC in reply to "RE: Mono required"
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So then don't use Tomboy? Just what exactly is the problem?

Read the article. It will become increasingly difficult to avoid Tomboy and Mono with distributions shipping with it, and if the integration with lots of third party applications happens then it will be impossible to avoid. However, like everything in the open source world, if enough people to decide to use it then that's par for the course.

Although I'm personally not keen on Mono and I think there are far better ways of creating a great looking framework, considering that I've complained about a lack of integration, I think this is no bad thing. Gnome needs a good, straightforward development framework and environment to develop and integrate applications.

Personally, I think when Ximian initially thought about cloning .Net I just wished they'd looked at it practically and took what was good about it, ditched what wasn't going to be practical, looked at what was happening and what was wrong with Java in the enterprise arena, looked at up and coming languages like Python and Ruby and created something new and original.

However, if no one steps up to the plate and creates something good for Gnome developers to get hold of then I'm not sure what the alternatives are. Red Hat (and Sun) could do something with Java now being open sourced and Eclipse, but it's not happening.

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RE[3]: Mono required
by FooBarWidget on Wed 26th Sep 2007 10:41 in reply to "RE[2]: Mono required"
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No, that's not going to happen. Apps are included in GNOME because they're good, not because they use Mono. There is no evil conspiracy to take over the world with Mono, get over it.

If you don't like Mono, then don't load Tomboy. That way Mono will never be loaded into memory. It's as simple as that. If you don't like Mono app $FOO, then load use $FOO.

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