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Gnome Ars has reviewed GNOME 2.20. "GNOME 2.20 was officially released last week after six months of development. The new version includes strong incremental improvements that contribute to a better user experience and provide more flexibility and integration opportunities for third-party software developers."
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What says that this sort of functionality is out of the scope of a file dialogue?

The answer was in the sentence: the HIG.

That's a bad excuse for not doing something. Just having a HIG doesn't magically make your apps of DE more user friendly. Bindly following a bad HIG is a lot worse than having no HIG at all. A HIG should be a set of guidelines not a set of commandments. You should refuse to implement a feature because you can show it's a bad idea, not just because it goes against some arbitrary set of rules set down by some arbitrary groupd of people.

Even the much worshiped Apple knows when to ignore their own HIG.

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[i]Even the much worshiped Apple knows when to ignore their own HIG.<&u>

True, especially if the functionality, like in this case, is well tested and seam to work well in other OS:es.

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