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Red Hat Red Hat is taking a business-as-usual stance in the face of renewed rumblings from Microsoft's Steve Ballmer over the need for Red Hat Linux users to pay up. Ballmer has repeatedly claimed that Microsoft IP is found in Linux. "People who use Red Hat, at least with respect to our intellectual property, in a sense have an obligation to eventually compensate us," said Ballmer at a Microsoft event last week in London. But Red Hat itself has adopted a stance that keeps it above the Microsoft patent fray. "At this point, please reference our previous statements on this topic," said a Red Hat spokesman contacted Tuesday about Microsoft's statements on Red Hat Linux users. The spokesman pointed out a Red Hat blog posted "after the last FUD statements from Microsoft" in May, she said. Shuttleworth agrees.
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Not surprised
by DigitalAxis on Fri 12th Oct 2007 02:32 UTC
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I'm not terribly surprised by this... I mean, what do you EXPECT Red Hat to do? Red Hat is the closest Microsoft has to a rival in the Linux market (Novell dearly wants to be the top dog, hence the agreement; Linspire's just Linspire), and wants them gone. Furthermore, Microsoft really hasn't said anything for Red Hat to respond to, that it hasn't already.

Microsoft's previous attempts to get rid of Open Source and Linux in particular have been about as successful as using a shotgun on a swarm of bees, so now they have to resort to vague unsubstantiated threats. It's just getting stupid.

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