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Mandriva, Mandrake, Lycoris "Mandriva Linux has a history of inconsistency; one release will be superb, and the next one will be so bug-ridden and feature-weak that it's unusable. The only commonality among all releases are the excellent system configuration tools, which have continued to evolve over the years to match an increasing level of complexity in the desktop software stack. True to form, Mandriva 2008.0 is an excellent release, following the terrible 2007.1, and the just as excellent 2007.0. Some of the important things that were dropped from the previous release (Cedega, LinDVD) are back, and some of the problems (huge K menu button, cluttered menus) have been mitigated."
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RE: Interesting
by imapi on Wed 17th Oct 2007 06:48 UTC in reply to "Interesting"
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"The author should try using multiple desktops. Once you've gotten used to them, going back to a desktop that lacks that functionality is a huge pain in the rear."

Amen to that, the rear cases when I have o use windows I feel like I'm all tied up - only one desktop

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RE[2]: Interesting
by cjcoats on Wed 17th Oct 2007 12:03 in reply to "RE: Interesting"
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I normally run 8 desktops, at 2048x1536 virtual (1600x1200 physical).

When I had to deal with a single-desktop machine with 1600x1200 physical only, while my machine was in the shop, my productivity dropped by about 30%.


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RE[3]: Interesting
by gustl on Wed 17th Oct 2007 14:32 in reply to "RE[2]: Interesting"
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Mine too.

My employer switched me and my colleages to Windows due to Office lock-in, from Unix (IRIX, HPUX) and Linux (Redhat).

Now I have to work on several projects, all on one desktop. And all of those add-on virtual desktops you can get for windows are either painfully destabilizing the machine, or don't integrate into the task bar and clutter my desktop.
And the reminder popup windows from the calendar do not span multiple desktops. Yuck!!!!

I want to have multiple desktops, I feel chained with only one.

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RE[2]: Interesting
by Cutterman on Wed 17th Oct 2007 16:02 in reply to "RE: Interesting"
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"...the rear [sic.] cases when I have o use windows I feel like I'm all tied up - only one desktop.."

Windows has MSVDM (one of the MS PowerToys) which works very nicely tho' you're limited to 4 desktops. Or you could use the GNU licenced Virtual Dimension - - which works better and has more.

I don't use Windows anymore but its really boring when Linux jocks slag off MS for not having features that are there all along.


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RE[3]: Interesting - thank you
by jabbotts on Wed 17th Oct 2007 16:35 in reply to "RE[2]: Interesting"
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I just added Virtual Dimension to my flashdrive. I'll be using once I confirm that it does not crash the system or required anything more than what I copied from the install folder befure uninstalling it again.

This will replace MultiDesk which has been terrible but then I'm using a version dated long ago so it may have gotten better.

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