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BeOS & Derivatives Gobe Productive v2.0.1 now works in Haiku. "I've played with GoBE Productive for half an hour now, and it seems remarkedly stable. Gobe Productive is a unique piece of software, and one of the darlings of BeOS software. This will surely fill a much needed gap in the office suite department, despite the software's age! It's also testament to the vision of enabling backwards compatibility to BeOS application, and how good Haiku is at it."
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GobeProductive in Haiku...
by Luposian on Sun 28th Oct 2007 19:53 UTC
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I'm glad to hear about Gobe Productive working in Haiku, but does that extend to the GCC 4.x builds or not?

Now, on another topic...

What is this "Atari" stuff doing in Haiku? Is mmu_man trying to make it possible to build Haiku on an Atari ST? Or is he simply creating an Atari FileSystem, so you can read/write in Atari ST's File Format? Everyone knows, the Atari ST format is more or less just DOS FAT... so this doesn't make such sense.

This seems, at first glance, to be one of the most pointless/wasteful of efforts in the Haiku project. He claims he's doing it just for the "L33t factor". But how does that truly further the Haiku project in any productive way? If it doesn't help Haiku obtain Alpha status any sooner, isn't it just filling up the source tree with useless fluff (bloat)?

BTW, When you build Haiku from within BeOS R5, are you forced to use GCC 2.95.x or is there a way you can use GCC 4.x? Or is GCC 4.x only available from withn Linux or other? How many other OS platforms can you build Haiku from?

OK, I'm, outta here...

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RE: GobeProductive in Haiku...
by Jack Burton on Mon 29th Oct 2007 09:14 in reply to "GobeProductive in Haiku..."
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"If it doesn't help Haiku obtain Alpha status any sooner, isn't it just filling up the source tree with useless fluff (bloat)?"

Well, first of all:
Porting to a new architecture usually HELPS improving the source code, since there has to be a better separation of the arch dependent and arch indepentent parts of the code.

And then:
Since mmu_man isn't an employee of Haiku, Inc., he is free to spend his free time in doing whatever he wants.
Yes, maybe he could work on helping Haiku obtain alpha status, but maybe he gets more fun (shock!) this way ?

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