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RE[7]: New Ubuntu themes?
by Benjamin_Lebsanft on Thu 1st Nov 2007 11:57 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: New Ubuntu themes?"
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that's called inconsistency, only a small one but never the less.

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RE[8]: New Ubuntu themes?
by irbis on Thu 1st Nov 2007 20:42 in reply to "RE[7]: New Ubuntu themes?"
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"only a small one but never the less"

Well, it certainly is a very, very small issue, practically nonexistent in my opinion... It also
doesn't influence usability at all. I was hoping that someone would have some real examples and reasons for criticism instead of just nitpicking about almost impossible to see small inconsistencies?

Sure even small inconsistencies in details should be fixed, but the fact is that every single OS may have that small inconsistencies in some very small details, theming or something else. However, Linux distros that are collections software from various different sources may have a hard time offering consistent interfaces and icons all around the OS and in all different apps - that may be very true.

Although I would emphasize usability over anything else when designing themes, I'm also all for aesthetically pleasing themes too, but aesthetics are secondary to usability and often a matter of changing tastes too. Personally I've never understood some techy (young?) people who favor some supposedly cool looking scifi-kind of themes that are, however, often a complete disaster from usability point of view: for example, window manager buttons may all look the same, may be extremely tiny, and give no hint to the user as to what they may do etc.

If you judge the Ubuntu default themes purely from usability point of view, the designers have done quite a decent job.

When comparing to other operating systems, Mac OS X may still be the best when it comes to consistency, usability and aesthetics combined. GUIs of MS Windows versions do some things very well from usability point of view too, although some things may not be that great. Ubuntu is not really far behind in looks, probably better in some things too. Personally I like the default Ubuntu looks far more than Windows XP, for example. Apple's metallic Aqua looks look cool and pretty at least for a while but I could guess that many people grow tired of the Aqua looks after a while too.

So, if anyone has better ideas than the current default themes for good new Ubuntu themes, just go ahead and make suggestions now when you are asked to do it by Ubuntu itself.

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