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OS/2 and eComStation Serenity Systems announced the immediate availability of eComStation 2.0 RC3, The Warpstock Europe 2007 release. This release is available to customers with an active Software Subscriptions Services subcription. It adds a few new features and contains a lot of updated drivers and fixes.
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RE: Heh
by rcsteiner on Sun 4th Nov 2007 02:03 UTC in reply to "Heh"
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If you seriously think that eCS is comparable to an flavor of Win9x in terms of general features, I would politely suggest that you don't have much clue about eCS's capabilities as an operating system. :-)

The two OSes existed at roughly the same time (OS/2 2.0 actually predated Win95 to market by three years), but OS/2 2.x and later was one or two generations ahead of Microsoft's Windows 9.x line in almost all respects, and it was (and is) also arguably ahead of Windows NT and its successors in several respects (OS/2 is much smaller, faster, far more responsive under load, has a better native scripting language, has a MUCH more flexible desktop, has better legacy software support in general, etc.).

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