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Gnome Here's a tour of the pre-alpha demo release of GNOME Online Desktop included in Fedora 8. Learn more about what it does and how you can get involved in the project, writes Havoc Pennington.
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Does Gnome support OOXML?
by walterbyrd on Wed 14th Nov 2007 15:42 UTC
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It looks like it to me.

As long as Gnome supports OOXML, I can do without Gnome.

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RE: Does Gnome support OOXML?
by baadger on Wed 14th Nov 2007 16:25 in reply to "Does Gnome support OOXML?"
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FOSS office packages don't have the market or mind share to prevent OOXML becoming dominant. The fact Microsoft are even pushing it through a standardization process is a miracle and if they don't it will *still* have taken over the market. This is a fact.

I'm glad to see there are some level headed people in the Free Software community clever enough to realise this and try and make the most of a shadowed situation by making sure the standardized document is as clear as it can possibly be.

What next? Give up swfdec and Gnash and tell Adobe to go f--k themselves until Flash is open sourced?

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RE[2]: Does Gnome support OOXML?
by borker on Wed 14th Nov 2007 16:50 in reply to "RE: Does Gnome support OOXML?"
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first, this entire thread is totally OT in a discussion about online desktops. Having said that, I can't help myself but reply anyways ;)

flash as it currently exists can't be used as a shield to hold off competition in two major markets (office productivity apps and operating systems) which is what MS' document formats have long been used for. If it were in a position to do so then by all means, such attempts should be resisted by anyone with an interest in the expansion of software freedom.

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Is that why whole countries are using oasis instead of ooxml?

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