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Windows "Almost a year on from the release of Microsoft's Windows Vista, only 13 percent of companies say they expect to move all desktops to the operating system, according to a survey released this week. Furthermore, adoption of Linux continues to gather pace, with a particular emphasis on the desktop emerging." As always, be sure to read these with a bag of salt on your desk.
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by TLZ_ on Fri 23rd Nov 2007 23:49 UTC
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I've been using Opera since version 6.0 and I can't live without it. There are some great browsers out there(Firefox for instance), but I feel discomfort when using them and just miss all the neat stuff I have in my Opera. Also it's the only browser I know of that don't crash(or seriously slow down the system) with 30-50 tabs open(I like to browse MANY sites at once. ;) )

It's also very comforting to know that when I leave the windows plattform I can still use it. (I plan on using XP for as long as I can, but I'll prob. never use Vista. It's horrible)


On a side note I'm getting more and more dependent on my own program that I call x|notes. It's basicly a notepad clone but it's optimized to be used for noting down stuff so(just like Opera) it remembers what files that was open so when I open it after comming back to my computer I can continue where I left off. Nothing impressive about the app but it works really well for me. ;)

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RE: Opera
by TLZ_ on Sat 24th Nov 2007 11:29 in reply to "Opera"
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I see now that I posted this comment on the wrong story. I'm sorry about that. I'd appriciate if a mod could delete these comments.

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