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Gnome The Gnome Project released version 2.12 yesterday. We had a quick look at it by using the latest Gnome Live CD (1.12-pre) and Foresight 0.9.0 (2.12 final) and here are our thoughts over 2.12 and Gnome's status in general.
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RE[5]: Menu editor...
by Daniel Borgmann on Thu 8th Sep 2005 19:30 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Menu editor..."
Daniel Borgmann
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Whether or not people *want* this feature is a different topic. It's still mostly a cosmetical issue, because adding launchers does exactly the same thing, only visually different. This doesn't mean that adding menu items is useless (although for me it is), but you should at least understand this point of view.

I called this an ego problem because as far as I can tell, the descision to make menu-editing *not* a priority is a developer-inspired descision; not a descision based on user feedback.

But that's exactly wrong. There was never a decision to make menu-editing "not a priority". It didn't make it for GNOME 2.10, shit happens. Even before 2.10, the design for the current menu editor existed[1], so the reason the menu editor is in its current state is that it was planned like this all the way, not because developers didn't bother to work on it. For power users plenty of alternatives exist already, so I fail to see the big problem. Whether or not a more advanced tool would be useful for everyone is obviously something people disagree about. It's not an ego problem but simply a matter of different opinion[2].


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RE[6]: Menu editor...
by ralph on Thu 8th Sep 2005 20:12 in reply to "RE[5]: Menu editor..."
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I think you are underestemating the importance of this.

You are of course right that it isn't the end of the world, but not having a well functioning menu editor is one of these little things that will annoy people to no end.

Just take a look at about every Linux related support forum and the amount of questions that were asked after Gnome 2.10 dropped menu editing altogether. I'm sure you'll find thousands of questions about this, as you are going to find thousands again about not being able to add something to the menu.

And who cares about tools for power users? Power users can edit the .desktop file themselves if they have to, someone who is not a power user, but who simply wants to add a menu entry can't.

To sum it up, this is one of those little braindead decision gnome devs seem to like to make from time to time, probably to keep us from getting to enthusiastic about Gnome.

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RE[7]: Menu editor...
by Daniel Borgmann on Thu 8th Sep 2005 20:34 in reply to "RE[6]: Menu editor..."
Daniel Borgmann Member since:

And I think you are overrestimating the importance of this. Deal? ;) Why shall we keep running in circles, this is hardly different than the choice between Epiphany and Firefox. I like that GNOME caters to us lovers of simplicity by default. Distributions like Ubuntu can easily cater to a different user group. It is certainly possible for all of us to get along without calling each other braindead.

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