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SkyOS SkyOS build 6814 has been released. Among its new features are streaming support, system-wide spell checking, the Mozilla embedded Gecko engine (which is used to create a few applications like a Wikipedia reader), an updated Viewer (file manager), a new theme engine, and more.
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RE: My only concerns with SkyOS...
by Valhalla on Wed 28th Nov 2007 06:45 UTC in reply to "My only concerns with SkyOS..."
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I do think the argument of Robert getting bored and thus killing SkyOS is exaggerated, afaik there are already other developers helping him out who has access to the source code and could continue the work should Robert take a timeout or whatever. there's no denying that he is THE driving force behind SkyOS and that him leaving for an extended period would slow down the project immensily but I find it unlikely that it would be dead. above all, I find it incredibly unlikely that Robert would actually get tired of SkyOS, especially now that all his hard work is starting to bear fruit.

while I look forward to trying the LiveCD, I have no interest in installing SkyOS as an alternate OS, this is because I personally find the open source development model superior, particularly for projects such as this.

that doesn't mean however, that I don't find SkyOS interesting from an OS development/technical point of view, nor that I'm not impressed with the work done by Robert and the rest of the SkyOS developers. and it certainly doesn't mean that I think Robert is doing anything wrong in going the commercial route. his project, his choice.

yes, there are alot of open source components in SkyOS, some of which are essential, others that are non-essential. but they were licenced by the original authors to allow inclusion in propriety software or licenced to allow being shipped with propriety software, so by using such code Robert is doing nothing wrong.

had the authors of the code not wanted their code to be used in this fashion they would have licenced it differently. it's the authors of the code that stipulates under what conditions it can be used, if you follow those set conditions you are doing nothing wrong.

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