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Editorial In a PC Magazine opinion piece, Oliver Rist makes note of some deficiencies in Apple's new OS, declaring, "Before Apple makes any more smug OS-related attacks on Microsoft, it ought to take a good look in the mirror."
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by ninjawombat on Fri 30th Nov 2007 21:31 UTC
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Level 1: You don't like Leopard.

Level 2: You need to tell everyone about it.

Level 3: You write a big incoherent rant in which it is revealed that you don't really understand what's going on and what you're talking about, and that you have a lot of misconceptions about how things really work. But somehow you're angry.

Level 4: You hate Leopard so much that you're "pissed off"

You had already lost me at 3. My advice: relax, take a vacation and stay away from computers in general, or stick with Vista, the "half-baked" OS that you're able to tolerate somehow because it took longer to develop, or something (I admit I didn't really get that part). Life's too short to be pissed at such truly insignificant things. Some of us are glad that Leopard was finally released and are enjoying it a lot. Leopard is a superset of Tiger, so I'm not sure how you could logically like the latter and not the former. (As for your crashes, it's not Leopard but some kernel-modifying buggy 3rd party utility you probably installed and shouldn't have, Apple can't prevent you from doing that.)

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RE: whatever
by Snifflez on Sat 1st Dec 2007 05:06 in reply to "whatever"
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Life's too short to be pissed at such truly insignificant things."

Oh, yeah? So, why are you venting your frustrations with his article so much?

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