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Apple Some people say Macs are too expensive. Some say they aren't. I say they've got it all wrong. Read on to understand how I came to this conclusion.
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RE: definition of terms issue
by Thom_Holwerda on Tue 13th Sep 2005 14:50 UTC in reply to "definition of terms issue"
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expensive - Bringing a large price.

From the Concise English Dictionary:

"Expensive - commanding a high price, costly"

You see, whether or not something's price is high is subjective-- that is what I tried to make clear! To me, gas in the US is cheap, very cheap-- however, most Americans will disagree with me.

Why is US gas cheap to me?

Because we Dutch pay 1.45E per litre. Do some maths and you'll see how expensive we are on that.

"Bringing a large price" - Exactly-- for you Americans, gas now brings a large price. Yet, I find your gas prices not high at all.

See where I'm getting at?

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well, Americans also use more gas than you all in europe because we built our cities and neighborhoods with the idea that you drive everywhere. in europe, you have resources nearer your homes, or your homes are nearer the resources, so a bike ride or a walk is not out of the question.

on top of that, the idiot in office thinks that fuel efficiency is a measure of how much money an oil company can get in a year from one driver.

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RE[2]: definition of terms issue
by on Tue 13th Sep 2005 16:37 in reply to "RE: definition of terms issue"
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Thom, your analogy only works when applied to Gas because Gas is gas anywhere you find it. Its not a perception issue at all because Gas can indeed be more expensive in one area as compared to another.

Macs and PCs on the other hand can indeed be compared equally across the board with hardware software and OS.

You, like so many others before you are equating the PCs increased flexability to buy less and spend less with being less expensive.

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