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Gnome Epiphany, GNOME's web browser, will drop support for the Gecko engine, focusing on WebKit instead. "we will choose only one web engine back-end to support and concentrate our efforts on it instead of spreading our efforts to multiple back-ends and restricting us to the common features all back-ends support. This single back-end will be WebKit." Assuming this is not an April Fool's joke, that is. Seriously, we ought to just shut down teh intertubes every April 1st. It's getting out of hand.
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Fingers & toes are crossed
by JCooper on Tue 1st Apr 2008 17:14 UTC
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I hope this is true, it certainly reads like the truth...

Even the mailing list says "Check again tomorrow if you still don't Believe this is serious".

Epiphany Webkit, improvements, Murrine with the alpha stuff, stabilised Compiz ... I'm so easily pleased and excited!

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RE: Fingers & toes are crossed
by wheaty on Tue 1st Apr 2008 17:16 in reply to "Fingers & toes are crossed"
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Insert obligatory "2008 is the year of the Linux Desktop!" comments. ;)

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JCooper Member since:

Nah that will be 2010 and "Ubuntu X" .... ;)

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Yes, Wouter Bolsterlee, lead developer (I think) responded to my querying email thusly:

2008-04-01 klockan 19:03 skrev Steve Bergman:
> Is this really the plan, or an April Fools joke, BTW?

Many people are asking this. It's not a joke, but many people still don't
believe it. Check again tomorrow if you still don't believe this is serious.

mvrgr, Wouter

Edit: Wouter has emailed me back, clarifying that he is not, in fact, lead developer.

Edited 2008-04-01 17:25 UTC

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