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RE[2]: Evil ...
by de_wizze on Sun 6th Apr 2008 03:21 UTC in reply to "RE: Evil ..."
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I think it is called "identifying with" that item. Thats where to link to that persons identity comes from. Its the investment of personal identity just like any of the other things in life you identify with.

I'm sure you have a certain identifying traits that if people who know you can associate with you if they were to encounter those traits somewhere else. Why do you have a preferred style of clothing that you wear. Because you can identify with those who would choose to wear such apparel.

Now if I happen to find that particular style of dress deplorable and silly and attack the group of people who wear such 'crap' you would undoubtedly take it personally. At least thats what I would expect as a normal response. That would be because it is an indirect attack on you personal preferences.

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