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Linux From Linux Mint's About page: "Linux Mint's purpose is to produce an elegant, up to date and comfortable GNU/Linux desktop distribution." To reach this goal, lead developer and founder Clement Lefebvre used (surprisingly) Ubuntu as the base, and added multimedia codecs to the distribution, by default. Later on, Mint deviated more from Ubuntu by adding its own artwork, web-based package front-end, and configuration tools (MintTools) to the mix. I installed the latest stable release, Daryna (4.0), released on 15 October of last year, to see what's what.
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Each to their own of course
by Al2001 on Mon 7th Apr 2008 02:01 UTC
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Am I the only person on earth that actually LIKES the default Ubuntu theme?

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RE: Each to their own of course
by cmost on Mon 7th Apr 2008 02:10 in reply to "Each to their own of course"
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Am I the only person on earth that actually LIKES the default Ubuntu theme?


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sbergman27 Member since:

Am I the only person on earth that actually LIKES the default Ubuntu theme?

I like it. I do think that brown is a very dangerous color to try to base a theme on, since there is a large variation in how it looks on different monitors and in different lighting conditions. When I'm running Ubuntu, I really enjoy the combination of the "Outdoors" theme, available in the standard repositories, and basically "Human" done up in olive green, and the wallpaper at the link below. I find the result to be very peaceful, which is something I find I really need more of these days.

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bthylafh Member since:

I like it too.

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bolomkxxviii Member since:

Yes, you are.

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Ben Jao Ming Member since:

No, you're not alone. I like it for two reasons:

1) Done the right way, a brown theme can be very gentle for the eyes. Lately Ubuntu has gotten a lot better and especially the new Human and Tangerine icons help the theme become both brown/orange AND happy in a non-screaming way. It's well-balanced. Except maybe for the 8.04 wallpaper.

2) Ubuntu has ethics. This world lacks ethics. Ubuntu is different - even from other distros, and the theme is essential for showing this difference.

And heck, how hard is it to customize!? If having a blue/glassy theme was so important, then Ubuntu surely wouldnt be this popular. Apparently people either like the theme or don't care.

Personally I just switch colors once in a while. Even blue/glassy themes can get boring.

One thing, I would like to see, would be Ubuntu being shipped with more pre-defined color themes.

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diskinetic Member since:

No. I do too... Let's hug!

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Soulbender Member since:

No, I like it too.

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progster Member since:

Actually I quite like it, I've been using ubuntu for several years now and don't think I've changed the default theme once. It's just so very well made ;)

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