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X11, Window Managers Have you ever been annoyed by Linux' lack of a coherent graphical boot process? Graphics hardware causing problems during sleep/wake cycles? Problematic virtual terminal switches? Kernel-based mode-setting, a new feature of Xorg still in heavy development aims to solve many of these problems by moving the mode-setting code from the user-space X driver into the Linux kernel. Phoronix takes a look at this new feature.
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by hobgoblin on Sun 20th Apr 2008 13:43 UTC
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have always been one of those weird interactions between kernel and X in unix os's.

that a user space app should take over full control of some hardware, to the degree that if said app should get into trouble, there is no way for the kernel to recover from it, was more or less insane.

but then i guess X was originally designed to run on a more bare bones kernel (if any at all) at the terminal end of things, and therefor needed the ability to handle said control.

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by sbergman27 on Sun 20th Apr 2008 14:15 in reply to "this..."
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It's always been somewhat embarrassing to me that switching from X to a character-based vt could sometimes lock up the console. Doesn't happen often. But on a busy machine it does occasionally happen. I take it that this enhancement corrects that situation.

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by hobgoblin on Sun 20th Apr 2008 14:55 in reply to "RE: this..."
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one should think so as there is no longer a need for a "sync" between the kernel and X about what state the card is in.

btw, is it just me or have there yet to be a "sync" based system that works flawlessly under load, for any kind of use?

cvs/svn/git is sync for code, and we have heard horror stories about having to clean up large syncs.

calender sync is a hit or miss experience, even when both sides are from the same company.

and the list goes on...

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by Havin_it on Mon 21st Apr 2008 08:20 in reply to "RE: this..."
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I can assure you, with any recent Intel X-driver, it happens bl**dy constantly. I've tried every recent version but invariably end up going back to 1.7.4 so I can shut down without X falling over so badly I can't even SysReq out of it.

If this approach puts an end to this instability, I'm all for it. But I won't hold my breath...

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