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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Tomorrow, Ubuntu's second 'long-term support' release, 8.04 or Hardy Heron, will propagate its way through the list of mirrors. OSNews took a short look at the beta release of Hardy Heron a few weeks ago, and concluded that "All in all, this release packs some interesting new features and frameworks, some of which should have been part of any Linux distribution three years ago. It is quite clearly a beta though, and definitely not ready yet to be labeled as a 'long term support' release." In anticipation of the release, El Reg caught up with Mark Shuttleworth in London.
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RE: Syncronizing releases
by superman on Wed 23rd Apr 2008 08:54 UTC in reply to "Syncronizing releases"
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Ubuntu should synchronise with Debian, can with Fedora (everything is open, so is the scheduler).

Il seems it's just Mark Shuttleworth blablabla.

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RE[2]: Syncronizing releases
by leech on Thu 24th Apr 2008 06:33 in reply to "RE: Syncronizing releases"
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Yeah, I find this annoying too. In some sense there are reasons that they deviate a bit, like the restricted manager and restricted modules package. They make it rather difficult to compile in individual drivers. Debian's system using module-assistant makes it so much easier to install or uninstall (especially uninstall).

A lot of packages don't have this problem in the same way as trying to use a SUSE RPM on Mandriva would have. SuSe at least has gotten better. I remember when their naming scheme for RPMs were just *name*.rpm (like gimp.rpm) and not have any version numbers at all.

Most Ubuntu packages will work in Debian and most Debian packages will work in Ubuntu. In fact if you pay close attention, the maintainers are often the same people.

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