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X11, Window Managers The X Windowing System is the graphical backbone of most UNIX-like operating systems (and OpenVMS) - despite lots and lots of criticism, the system has withstood the test of time. Despite its age, development on X has not slowed down - in fact, it only seems to have picked up. A few weeks ago, we had kernel-based mode setting, and today we have the X server running as user instead of root.
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I congratulate you as you have obviously shown how is inferior to XFree.

I think you misunderstood my posting. Let me make this clear: I do not own bleeding edge hardwarre, so I don't expect something "too new" to work without problems. I have several BSD systems that run on ATI hardware without problems. But this particular case affects my main desktop, so I'm a bit unhappy to see something [b[not{/b] working in "new" that did work in "old" XFree86.

Ah yes, I forgot to mention that the Num Lock status LED sometimes deactivates when switching to a virtual console and back to X. The switching time is also longer with than with XFree86.

Have you filed bug reports for these issues? The xf86-video-ati developers (Alex Deucher and Dave Airlie) are pretty responsive and helpful.

I will surely do this as soon as I could do some diagnostics (doing some more tests with xorg.conf and trying a compiled version of X). Thank you for this advice.

Maybe you ask yourself: "Why didn't this strange guy file a bug report just after noticing that something didn't work as expected?" First of all, I try to solve problems on my own first - before I do bother someone. And up to this point (update on main machine from FreeBSD 5.4 to 7.0 including all applications), I did not have any (!) issue - everything worked as intended.

I'm just a bit disappointed. The speed gains from the system update are more than eaten by the slowlyness of the X startup... :-(

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