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Original OSNews Interviews BeOS (and Haiku) has a very powerful filesystem, thanks mostly to its extensive use of attributes and live queries to search through these attributes. In order to access these powerful features over a network, you need a network file system that also supports attributes and queries - cue BeServed, Kevin Musick's network file system. A few weeks ago, the code to BeServed was donated to the Haiku project as open source under a MIT license, so HaikuNews and OSNews decided to interview Kevin Musick together. In addition, Haiku launched the Haiku Code Drive 2008.
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by BSDfan on Sat 17th May 2008 20:50 UTC
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While it's great to see Haiku news, shouldn't the "Haiku Code Drive 2008" article get some publicly here? It's a rather commendable goal... bringing on students that didn't quite get accepted as part of the Google Summer of Code event.

How about you try again and get it right this time Thom? ;)

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