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Windows I personally doubted that Windows 7 would make an actual appearance during the Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer joint interview up on stage at the D6 conference, but as it turns out, it has made an appearance. During an interview conducted by Walt Mossberg and Kara Swisher about Ballmer and Gates' past, present, and future, a short demo was given of Windows 7.
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I don't know
by license_2_blather on Wed 28th May 2008 04:45 UTC
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The whole multitouch thing is a conversation piece, or maybe useful on an e-table at a bar (one that you don't have to clean after you leave), but I just don't see much benefit on my desktop or laptop screen. I'm too lazy to be reaching up there all the time, and then cleaning the smudges off of it.

I think I'd rather have a multi-wheel mouse, or maybe a couple trackballs on the sides or bottom of the keyboard to move and zoom my pics.

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RE: I don't know
by looncraz on Wed 28th May 2008 07:37 in reply to "I don't know"
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Imagine, if you will, replacing the keyboard in the laptop with a multi-touch interface, providing a dynamic input device.

Done properly, this would give Microsoft one heck of an innovation lead ( though the idea may be originating here, now, with me :-) ).

It would be one heck of a hurdle for competitors as well... y'know the lack of an actual keyboard.

--The loon

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RE[2]: I don't know
by raver31 on Wed 28th May 2008 15:10 in reply to "RE: I don't know"
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A computer without a keyboard is essentially useless. Speech recognition is not there yet, and touch sensitive panels do not give tactile feedback for fast touch typists.

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RE[2]: I don't know
by Clinton on Wed 28th May 2008 17:41 in reply to "RE: I don't know"
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I can just imagine the job-related injuries that something like that would cause. I already have enough pain in my arms and shoulders from simply using a mouse and keyboard. If I'm reaching out to fiddle with my screen all the time...

Screw that!

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RE: I don't know
by on Wed 28th May 2008 10:49 in reply to "I don't know" Member since:

Yes, but we'll soon have digitizer-like panels below our keyboards (or use the touchpad on laptops)

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RE: I don't know
by evangs on Wed 28th May 2008 16:44 in reply to "I don't know"
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I don't know if I'm normal but I'm fairly anal about how spotless my monitor is. Maybe it's a form of OCD. Maybe I'm just weird. But the thought of having finger smudges all over my screen is something I cannot even bear thinking about.

I do not see the point of touch screen interfaces that accomplish the same tasks where a mouse or a keyboard will be sufficient.

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RE: I don't know
by Hae-Yu on Wed 28th May 2008 17:21 in reply to "I don't know"
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You gotta use more imagination.

Think white boards, schools, presentations, schedule displays, outage boards, etc.

With multi-touch, multiple students can be writing on the board at the same time (happens all the time in the classroom).

If you haven't used a SmartBoard to train, to get training, or for presentations, then you won't get this. In addition to those uses, I've used SmartBoards to trace/ highlight schematics/ drawings with teams. I saw a Smartboard in a training class in 2001. I loved them enough to convince my boss to get me one to conduct training. My wife, an elementary teacher, loved them immediately too as did her coworkers when I showed them mine. Now they are cropping up in university/ college classrooms as well as better-off primary/ secondary schools.

Instead of being a 3rd party app, it is now part of the platform allowing a broader range of applications to benefit.

More practically - I wouldn't replace my home monitors any time soon.

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