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KDE KDE 4.1, which is supposed to become the KDE4 version usable by 'normal' people, is coming at the end of July. When Ars reviewed the beta release, they were positive in that it was moving forward at an "extraordinary pace". Despite the positive notions in the news, many seem to have problems actually seeing all the new stuff being done in KDE4 - just like how people fail to see the massive amount of work put into Vista. KDE developer Rafael Fernandez Lopez (I'm sorry for the lack of diacritical marks, an OSNews bug we're working on) decided to put together a screencast showing off all the new stuff coming in KDE 4.1.
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RE[2]: meh :-/
by bralkein on Mon 2nd Jun 2008 02:16 UTC in reply to "RE: meh :-/"
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Actually your arguments are very hard to understand because you haven't really explained them very well.

You talk a lot about consistency, but you don't really define in what sense. Can you give some examples? Is XP really the epitome of consistency that you claim it is? What about all of the differences between Live Messenger, IE7, Media Player and Office? Those programs all look nothing like each other.

What exactly is the problem that you have with the application launchers? How does XP do this better? Why do you think that XP is a better window manager in any way, for that matter. It doesn't even have multiple desktops! It's missing plenty of useful features that are present in any Linux desktop, and it is simply left in the dust when it comes to the more advanced compositing features of the modern X WMs.

Comparing Plasma to Active Desktop is certainly very inaccurate and unfair. The whole folder view opinion is interesting, too. A traditional desktop with icons is just one big folder view itself, really! The Plasma folder view allows an area for traditional icons (in the form of files, as they ever were), or more than one area if you want to organise things that way. Making a set of icons just another widget makes things simple, IMO.

I'm not expecting KDE 4.1 to solve the desktop problem outright, but based on the current rate and direction of progress I am expecting a good desktop, suitable for day-to-day use and with a lot of cool new features, to boot. Apart from that, it seems that there is a lot more untapped potential in the new KDE 4 system, and I think we will see it go from strength to strength in the years to come.

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