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Mozilla & Gecko clones The Mozilla Foundation plans to "shortly" release new versions of its Firefox and Mozilla Web browsers to address a recently disclosed serious security bug as well as several additional flaws, a representative said Wednesday.
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Security and Update issues
by Dark_Knight on Thu 15th Sep 2005 15:23 UTC
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Security: The Mozilla team just like any other developer release patches for security issues found in their software. The only real difference between say for example Mozilla's Firefox and Microsoft's IE is that Mozilla deals with security holes as fast as possible where as with Microsoft they still have several holes in IE that either are ignored or when known take several weeks to months for patches to be released.

Updating: Those complaining about updating Firefox are typically running Windows and even if not seem to forget that this is a third party software application which is also offered for free. The Mozilla team is not forcing anyone to update Firefox. They make the update freely available for users to increase security when issues arise just as any sensible software developer would do. These are not holes known for several months as some would claime but instead new issues that arise due to external factors such as hackers that find new ways to trick browser security. For the Linux community I haven't had any issues updating Firefox due to I use SUSE Linux in the LAN where the update utility, unlike Windows, is able to update third party software such as Firefox. The good news for Windows users who don't have this functionality is that Mozilla is working on making a "check for updates" utility as part of Firefox 1.5.

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