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Sun Solaris, OpenSolaris The Register has reviewed OpenSolaris, and concludes: "Sun has made good on its promise to deliver OpenSolaris, the company's Unix-based answer to Linux, with a company-supported, commercial update arriving in mid-May. Although far from a complete product, the latest OpenSolaris is impressive and in the long run could prove a viable alternative to Linux."
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RE[2]: hardware support?
by segedunum on Sat 14th Jun 2008 15:07 UTC in reply to "RE: hardware support?"
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There's one huge IMO f--k up though, no Marvell Yukon chip driver. A not so uncommon onboard network chip.

The Marvel Yukon is cheap junk though. It's only now that we've got drivers that work reasonably well in Linux with various iterations of Sky, and if you're looking for a Gigabit ethernet device to work well under Windows, look elsewhere. The sooner the device just dies off the better really.

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