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KDE KDE 4.1 is supposed to make everything right with the recently troubled desktop. Everyone agrees now that KDE 4.0 was a mistake. However, what the mistake was -- and whose -- is a matter of opinion. KDE developers blame distributions for rushing to include a release that was never intended for everyday use, while users blame developers for changing everything. More here. Also, Tectonic published an article titled "Beyond the desktop with KDE4", while the now well-known for its sarcasm 'Linux Hater' blog has something to say too (warning: some profanity).
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RE[5]: Amazingly poor choice.
by schoate09 on Sun 6th Jul 2008 14:24 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Amazingly poor choice. "
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The immature manner in which you are currently acting is inexcusable given your position on this site.

If I acted the way you do, using derogatory profanities (even if you do in fact blank them out), I'd be banned from the site. The editors should not only be held to the same, but a higher and less tolerant standard. What keeps a discussion forum intact and following a precedent is the way any users with a higher title act.

I will NOT spare you the "OMG but you're an OSNews editor". Now, you also have disgraced the title of the site for which you are indeed the editor. You're talking as if you're doing everyone a favor while Thom is away, and that's not true. If you cannot be subjective, and learn to accept the heat for posting an article with questionable information, then I think I'd speak for everyone when I say we'd be better off without you. I saw the same article on digg, it's one thing for an article so biased, and so un-tactful and offensive in delivering it's points to be submitted to a user content site, it's another thing for it to be submitted by an editor of an editor-controlled submission site.

Calling OSS users/developers "lusers" shows an extreme bias. I could understand you saying that OSS has brought you nothing. I can't fault you for that opinion (although I can rightfully agree), however the way you (just like the author), use derogatory language to describe the people who work for a goal which they follow ideologically is uncalled for.

My theory on why you took to such a bitter turn is you have an issue with admitting fault. I don't know if you really do feel this strongly for the article, but rather you don't want to be proven wrong. In which case, that Senior Editor tag you don't care about really does mean something to you. I'm basing this on two semesters of psychology I had.

The bottom line from all of this is that you acted in a near childish manner, unable to accept the criticism of the site's users. You were offensive, linked to a questionable article, demeaned the title of Editor (essentially showing you don't care), demeaning the site as a whole, and overall acted in a site that damages the atmosphere of the community.

My feeling, and I'm sure most will agree with me, is that you should be dismissed from your position. If you don't like it, I, and I think most can agree with me, we would rather not have you around if you're going to act like this.

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Buy this man a beer!

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