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Windows Microsoft recently announced that effective November 1st, 2008, OEMs will no longer be able to license Windows for Workgroups 3.11 in the embedded channel. It's the end of an era.
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RE: Still around...
by t3RRa on Thu 10th Jul 2008 02:48 UTC in reply to "Still around..."
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If I remember correctly, few years back -probably 2~4 years- I saw some kiosk/bank ATM machines booting Windows for Workgroups 3.11 (I saw the logo)! ;) Yeah, I saw some others booting Windows 2000 and XP though. But I didn't know that Microsoft was still selling the copies of Windows for Workgroups 3.11 ! Wow.. What about DOS? Anyone knows of companies using DOS in the embedded space around you? ;D

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RE[2]: Still around...
by jebb on Thu 10th Jul 2008 06:39 in reply to "RE: Still around..."
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Not so long ago, I dealt with a small austrian company specializing in online titration equipment. The central piece of kit was a DOS-powered box, controlling various pumps, valves and probes, showing trends on an LCD display, and outputting data via 4-20mA analog channels to the DeltaV system.

Speaking with the owner, he was contemplating switching his system to linux, but there definitely was no rush. Of course the whole thing needed updating (think about it, computers exchanging process data over an analog channel which needed calibrating...), but it did the job.

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RE[3]: Still around...
by sorpigal on Thu 10th Jul 2008 11:00 in reply to "RE[2]: Still around..."
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DOS is actually pretty widely used in small/single-purposes embedded systems. It's pretty small, well known and lets your application do whatever it wants.

DOS will be around a lot longer than WFWG or Win95.

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RE[2]: Still around...
by Windows Sucks on Thu 10th Jul 2008 13:30 in reply to "RE: Still around..."
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Actually Blockbuster Video still uses Dos 6 for all their Cash register / Check out machines. So does Hollywood video.

Scary. LOL!

But if it works, it works.

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RE[2]: Still around...
by Aeko on Thu 10th Jul 2008 16:35 in reply to "RE: Still around..."
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Using DOS ?

Us. Thanks to Cobol and having the sources. Of course, they run on XP and have checked on Vista, where it also runs load-highing our language keyboard.

These programs are fast, really fast, and does that no other do, no other.

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RE[2]: Still around...
by yakirz on Thu 10th Jul 2008 20:24 in reply to "RE: Still around..."
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I'm gonna automate my life with CP/M!

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