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KDE Groklaw has interviewed KDE about some recent misconceptions about KDE 4. "There has been a bit of a dustup about KDE 4.0. A lot of opinions have been expressed, but I thought you might like to hear from KDE. So I wrote to them and asked if they'd be willing to explain their choices and answer the main complaints. They graciously agreed."
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RE: I call BS on you, google_ninny
by rtfa on Mon 14th Jul 2008 09:06 UTC in reply to "I call BS"
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"The reason they released 4.0 when they did is because they were horribly late and looking worse every month that rolled by (kinda like Vista and leopard). 4.0 was beta quality at best, not release quality code (kinda like Vista and Leopard)."

Read and understand the article which was written to dispel such as the cr*p you have just written. He explains what 4.0 was all about. Seems like there are loads of people in this world that cannot read and comprehend.

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I am a huge kde fanboy, and even I think releasing 4 was an mistake (not that it isn't going to eventually become something more than it is). I think that anytime you have a team of developers telling users that they are wrong, over and over, or "explaining" why things were done (like release alpha software as a .0) you have a fundamental disconnect between the writers of the codebase and the users. This is not Apple OS9 versus OSX "I like the old way better" stuff, this is one codebase works (though may be a PITA to maintain) while the other, quite literally, does not kind of stuff - at least for most people I discuss this with. These people, BTW, are all linux and KDE enthusiasts.

I am personally amazed than anyone at all can look at the 4.0 "release" and say it was a good idea - regardless of the purpose, it has caused a lot of turmoil, and more than likely a lot of anguish within the KDE dev team and community. People who are using it now would have used it back then - developers and people who enjoy using forming technology. People who do not use is now obviously didn't back then - people who like working in a stable environment, etc. No amount of spin doctoring can change the fact that the 4.0 release is, by and large, seen as a disaster, and this could have easily been changed by giving the code another year to mature. Refusing to "hear" this doesn't change anything at all.

I'm crossing my fingers and really, really hoping that things change and we can all look back a few years from now and say "Hey, remember that whole shitaree with the 4.0 release? Sure glad it was all just a lot of smack talk over nothing" rather than "Hey, remember KDE?"

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Releasing the stable libraries of KDE4 as 4.0 was OK, especially as they repeatedly told users that feature-parity is not achieved yet, and the user experience would be bad.

I am myself author of a small KDE application (kRaidMonitor), and I have not yet ported the app to KDE4. But think about it: Would ANYBODY port their smallish little helper apps as long as a release is not available? No. Definitely not. For me to port my app, it is absolutely necessary to have 4.x on my own desktop, how else should I port it?

I also do not think that you will find anyone telling you with a strait face that he believed 4.0 would be an excellent desktop ready for daily use, and he replaced 3.5 with it and then 4.0 crashed on him. In that regard nobody was mislead.

You always have to remember: KDE's prime goal is not to have as many users as possible, the prime goal is to attract as many developers as possible. The reason for this is simple: KDE does not get payed with money, they get payed with code, hence coders are what they want to attract, because only they can make them rich.

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