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Mac OS X VirtualBox is an open-source virtualization alternative to Parallels and VMWare in the MacOS X arena. Here is a step-by-step screenshot tutorial to installing Windows XP using VirtualBox in MacOS X.
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OSX Problems
by hornett on Mon 14th Jul 2008 23:20 UTC
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It is great to have a Free alternative to VMware and Parallels.

Unfortunately, there are a few OSX specific problems with VirtualBox. For example, when the dock is on the side of the screen, the window keeps get repositioned underneath it making it impossible to get at. Sounds trivial, but when trying to actually use the thing on a daily basis it gets annoying very quickly.

To me this is a great example of a problem that so often befalls open source software. It is 99% complete but the missing 1% makes the software far more difficult to use.

Another example of this is the ('stable') Mac version of Audacity, which works well until you try to save, and then discover that whilst typing the filename, the keys are being interpreted by the window underneath and the file is being edited/played/resampled.

Sorry for the long and O.T. comment, but I just wish these programs would leave their perennial beta status. There is loads of great free software that is *so close* to being usable but lacks a few things to be perfect.

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RE: OSX Problems
by TLZ_ on Tue 15th Jul 2008 06:51 in reply to "OSX Problems"
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I don't have my dock on the side, and I'd rather not shell out for Parallells.

Would you recommend it?

(The use for it will be to do testing for websites in IE, and testing apps on Gnome/Linux and Windows.)

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