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Bugs & Viruses Mac Antivirus developer Intego might have stumbled across an OS X specific virus being offered for auction that targets a previously unknown ZIP archive vulnerability. From Intego's posting, it appears that an enterprising auctioneer seems determined to make sure that his name is one that is not forgotten when it comes to Apple security, claiming that his exploit is a poisoned ZIP archive that will "KO the system and Hard Drive" when unarchived.
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RE: *shrugs*
by StephenBeDoper on Fri 25th Jul 2008 01:58 UTC in reply to "*shrugs*"
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Then there are those which are propagated through websites - to which I have to ask myself - what websites are you going to that propagate these worms and virus's? they don't seem like very reputable websites if they're infecting their audience!

In many cases I've seen, users get infected by visiting relatively-innocuous sites that have been hit by SQL injection attacks. That's the main purpose of most of the SQL injection attacks I've seen recently: the attackers insert code for an invisible iframe, and the iframe source is set to load a malicious page on another site. I've also seen the same thing done with SCRIPT tags to load an external (malicious) javascript file.

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