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Java The JNode team has released the latest version of their operating system written in Java (it does have a small assembler nano kernel). "This release features the integration of the OpenJDK implementation of Swing and AWT, and significant improvements to the overall JNode GUI including improved painting and font rendering, generic VESA support and graphical console. The release also includes a new command argument framework for the shell, reworked shell commands, a configure tool for the JNode build environment, Samba file system with read/write support and many stability and bug fixes across the whole system." They have screenshots, a changelog, and (surprise!) a download page.
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RE: Application support?
by red_devel on Fri 8th Aug 2008 19:25 UTC in reply to "Application support?"
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From the webpage:

People often want to know if their favorite Java-based application or library runs on JNode.

The short answer is usually: "We don't know; why don't you give it a try?".

The long answer is that it depends on the nature of the application. Here are some guidelines:

* Non-GUI based applications that are pure Java and that use only J2SE libraries have a chance of working right now.
* Applications that use AWT/Swing or that stress garbage collection, multi-threading and the security model may have problems right now. JNode's deficiencies are being addressed; please feel free to help.
* If the application has (or depends on) C/C++ libraries, then it will not work unless the libraries are recoded in Java.
* If the application relies on external (non Java) programs then it will not work unless those programs can be coded in Java and ported to JNode.

Seems like most complex programs still won't run. I know its popular to hate on Java 'round these parts. Regardless, I think this could be a really cool project going forward. As it gets better, a whole suite of existing, mature applications being run and used on other platforms will become available.

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