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Windows Steven Sinofsky, who oversees Windows 7 development, has really committed to keeping us in the loop on the new Engineering Windows 7 blog. In today's post, "Measuring the Scale of a Release," he discusses whether or not Windows 7 will be a "major" or "minor" release. It's a pretty good piece that really makes some good points. Read on for our perspective.
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RE[4]: Hello Adam, earth to Adam
by MollyC on Thu 21st Aug 2008 19:43 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Hello Adam, earth to Adam"
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I see you didn't bother to respond to the antitrust issues that would arise were Microsoft to bundle Outlook. How about actually adressing the issues I raised before starting with the insults?

BTW, you accuse Microsoft of having a mentality of price-gouging while praising Apple, who has a history of charging people for the ability to watch videos in full screen mode??? Which is more petty?

(Regarding your claim that 33% of Vista sals are downgraded to XP, no, it's 35% of "Business" computers that are supposedly downgraded to XP.

This is not a shock since many business wipe whatever is on the drive and install a standard setup provided by the IT dept. I'm surprised that the number was that low.)

Second, I never said Vista's backup functionality was "better" than Time Machine, I just asked you what you thought was wrong with it. Despite your problems with the UI or whatever, many people are using it for backup.

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