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Oracle and SUN OSNews reader rom508 sent us a note that apparently, Sun has ceased selling all of its UltraSPARC-based workstations, with only their x86 workstation offerings remaining. The Ultra 25 and Ultra 45 workstations, both UltraSPARC-based, are still listed on Sun's website, but are marked as 'end-of-life', with the notice that they are "superceded by the next generation Sun Ultra 24 Workstation [x86]". One must wonder if this means the end of Sun's UltraSPARC workstation line. As a proud owner of an indestructible Ultra 5, I must say, that would be rather sad.
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I wish my Ultra 80 didn't suck so much power or I'd be running it. It's a great architecture for a hobbyist on a budget, you can get those machines pretty cheap on ebay these days, even with 4 CPUs. Throw in my Ultra 1 and E250 and I've got a lot of worthless Sun hardware at home ;)

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Can those use industry standard power supplies, or are they all proprietary. Antec has a *very* affordable line of 80 Plus certified and RoHS compliant, power factor corrected, power supplies called "EarthWatts". I just picked up a 380W unit for $29.00 US plus shipping from NewEgg.

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I'd love to take the burden of the Ultra 80 off your shoulders ;) .

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A power-sucking machine that's slower than a Celeron is great for a hobbyist on a budget?

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As much as I generally despise computers-as-cars analogies, that's a bit like comparing a Neon to a tractor - and then declaring the Neon the winner because it has a higher top-speed.

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They are very slow, but if you want to work on an UltraSPARC architecture, they are really good deals.

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