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Apple The situation regarding Apple's App Store for the iPhone is getting weirder by the day. Several applications have been rejected from the App Store based on seemingly dubious claims such as duplication of functionality (even though they didn't duplicate anything), or alikeness to default applications. Two such cases made headline news over the past few days; Podcaster and MailWrangler. The developers of these applications openly protested against these rejections, and apparently, Apple doesn't really like that. Apple now reiterates that rejections fall under the NDA, prohibiting developers from speaking up about rejections.
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From a developer point of view
by Guillaume Maillard on Wed 24th Sep 2008 16:18 UTC
Guillaume Maillard
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As a developer publishing on appstore, Apple's policy is IMHO not a real issue because the 'moderation' is not a surprise. We are concious that our apps could be banned, that's the game from day 1.
Refused apps are about 0.1% (3 / 3000 apps?).

The biggest problem is how to find or how to promote appplications, in our case, a quick and dirty screensaver-like we did is our best seller, but our game (and IMHO not a bad one, called 'White Letters' ) is cursed.

The behaviour of the 'in the news' and 'staff favorites' sections is a bigger issue, it impacts all the small developer teams (maybe 80% of the developers).

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Morgan Member since:

It may only be three out of thousands of apps, but the issue is why those apps were pulled, combined with the speech suppressing "NDA". I really like Apple's products but their business practices of late have left a bad taste in my mouth. They are treading dangerous ground here, and as a user I'm disgusted by their anticonsumer attitude.

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Guillaume Maillard Member since:

I agree with you, it's a not the right attitude from Apple, but it's far from being a major issue for developers. Developers care about the number of apps they sell and how they could finish their app ASAP (and without bugs too).

99.9% of the developers are not concerned by a kind of censorship and are aware of the risk
99.9% of the users are very happy with Spore and iBeer ;)
and half of user's comments are about price (0.99$ is always too much...)

That's life.

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