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Linux This article takes a look at five great but not very well-known desktop-focussed Linux distros, including SimplyMEPIS and Mint. It focuses on distros that are easy-to-use.
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And that extra slow "rocket" back down is because it hasn't released a new version since May of 2007. It's a community made distribution that has a small dev team of 5-10 people who work on it when they're not doing their full time jobs and living life.

You'd do well to show a bit of respect for people who can pull off something like this...gaining over a huge distro like Ubuntu with a dev team of 10. It's a huge accomplishment. They don't care for rankings. They just want to make stuff that works and they do a damn fine job doing it. Get off their back and go trash someone or something that actually deserves trashing...because PCLinuxOS doesn't deserve your ire.

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You'd do well to show a bit of respect for people who can pull off something like this...

But I've nothing against the devs. 'Twas the fans and cheerleaders ruined PCLinuxOS.

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And the Ubuntu boys are just so innocent, aren't they? PCLinuxOS is a wonderful distro, and it's got a good solid following of loyal users. Those users are so loyal, any possible attack against it is met with fury. So what? Tell a Mac users his platform sucks and see how defensive he gets.

Look... Distro bashing is something that's tearing Linux apart at the seams. It seemed like we had this upward movement in the marketplace for a moment, then people started tearing down other distros. Now, Linux hasn't realy made any more inroads on the home desktop, since. It's a shame. Let people use what they want, as long as it works for them. Don't try to crap on their parade. As long as they're using some form of FOSS, let them be happy.

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devnet: I'm not sure who that was directed at, but I wasn't bashing PCLOS at all. I was trying to refute the initial implication that its ranking was dishonestly achieved (which I've never believed).

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