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General Unix This article explores the virtualization features available to administrators across several UNIX hardware platforms. Discover what they have to offer and how their features compare to PowerVM.
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Outdated and wrong also regarding HP
by descubes on Thu 16th Oct 2008 22:27 UTC
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This data is also quite outdated and wrong regarding HP systems. For example:

- You can move resources between nPartitions using iCAP

- IBM has no electrical isolation, whereas on HP systems you can replace a whole cell board without downtime. And no, you don't need to reboot for that.

- HP's virtual machines product is called HPVM or HP Integrity Virtual Machines, IVM is an IBM product.

- HPVM supports 8-way guests today (not 4), runs on systems with up to 128 CPUs and I believe 2 TB of memory.

- HP demonstrated on-line migration, it's currently in restricted beta with the latest release.

I'd like also to point out that HP virtual machine technology is software, so you can run it on older hardware. In other words, someone who purchased HP equipment 3 years ago will get on-line migration on their existing systems, but you need to buy new Power systems to get the equivalent feature.

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