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Opera Software Earlier, we reported that Apple had rejected Opera Mini from the App Store. A New York Times blog entry claimed that Opera's CEO and co-founder Jon Stephenson von Tetzchner said that Apple wouldn't let them release Opera Mini for the iPhone because it competed with Mobile Safari. John Gruber, of Daring Fireball, did some researching of his own, and found out via anonymous sources who do not wish to be identified, that the situation is a little bit different.
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You know I reread the blog entry by Gruber and I still must be missing something. Where did he make any effort to contact either the original author or the Opera executive? Surely if he wants to set the record straight he should have at least put some effort into getting clarification as to what was said.

But no, evidently pointing out that an author did not base his rant on anything but second hand opinion is jumping on the anti-apple bandwagon. I am not anti-apple though. Honestly I do not give a flying frak about Apple or Opera. My point is that Gruber is accusing misinformation based on details not supported by the statement in the article. If the blogosphere want to infer more than is said than counter those statements. Seek clarity, don't whine that unnamed contacts disagreed with some assumptions made by 3d parties to the interview.

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