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Windows Microsoft's Windows Hardware Engineering Conference (WinHEC) is in full swing this week, hot on the heels of the recent PDC. The main subject is, of course, Windows 7. This being a conference focused on hardware makers, Microsoft made a whole slew of announcements related to how Windows 7 will deal with hardware.
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I have tried the new 8.10 Ubuntu (booting only on a CD) on my computer and to be honest linux still have a long way to go compared to even Vista. Lets not even talk about Windows 7.

The Windows re-drawing issues are the same as Windows XP has. It has to redraw the screen and this is set by default. Just aweful. ;)

Again, playing an MP3 should be built right in to the players! I should not have to download a codec to play an mp3 file. Stupid. Windows Media I can understand, but MP3 in this day and age? Really?

Then the multitasking is horrible. Loading the OS from the CD isn't a fast way to get to the features, but for godsake, at least read an MP3 off the hard drive without skipping while loading from a CD should not be a problem.

Look, I understand that I am using the CD as a live CD and I tried two different music programs on the disk and both skipped using many different mp3 songs that I tried to play (without drm) and on multiple hard drives and the music was skipping. I guess nobody notices it because people have ubuntu installed on their hard drives and they don't do any serious multitasking, but what the hell.

Finally, it froze up on me and even Windows has not done that and this is with stock hardware. I just rebooted to windows and I will try it again in 2 years to see if there is any real progress. I have been checking the progress every x or so years. Last time I had Knoppix (which was before Ubuntu) and I had lockups all the time on my laptop, it was worse than this experience because the games played far too slowyly when in Windows 2D games played great.

Linux does have some good things about it like the packages when dealing with software and virtual desktops but man it's seriously got a long way to go as far as mainstream desktop use.

As bad as people think Vista is or Windows 7 is going to be, it is significantly better than that of Linux. That also includes PowerShell 2.0 verses Bash.

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Have you been you smoking crack? Of course you can expect latency issues when running from a live CD. MP3 is a patented codec and isn't free to use. Any more idiotic comments?

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