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Window Managers The new 0.4 version of Etoile had just been released. Etoile intends to be an innovative, GNUstep-based, user environment built from the ground up on highly modular and light components. It is created with project and document orientation in mind, in order to allow users to create their own workflow by reshaping or recombining provided Services (aka Applications) and Components. 0.4 is a developer-targeted release on its way towards this goal. As a developer-focussed release, this predominantly consists of frameworks. A few demonstration applications are also included.
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RE: saddening
by NicolasRoard on Wed 19th Nov 2008 09:45 UTC in reply to "saddening"
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Etoile is _far_ from being a theme put on a "still great desktop" (by this I guess you mean GNUstep, and/or NeXTSTEP).

1) GNUstep is not a desktop, it's a programming framework. There are GNUstep apps (check the gap project, gworkspace) that together can be used to form a desktop. Etoile is a desktop, and is composed of both programming frameworks to simplify writing apps and of desktop applications.
2) Etoile does NOT want to create a NeXTSTEP-like desktop, nor a MacOS-like desktop. Although we obviously are inspired by both.
3) This 0.4 release is aimed to developers. Wait for the 0.5 for a user-oriented release. What 0.4 brings is new programming tools and frameworks. Notably, as the music player Melodie shows, you can write a complex application in Smalltalk + Etoile frameworks, in a very simple manner.
4) There is far more to a desktop than the theme it's using.

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