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Hardware, Embedded Systems Last month we covered an article titled, "MSI: Wind Doing Well, Linux Version Not So Much" which revealed that Linux MSI Wind netbooks saw a return rate upto four times higher than the Windows equivalent. But in a recent interview with the CEO of Asus he revealed that Linux and Window versions of Asus Eee PC have similar return rates. He also described the plans for 2009 and talked about some changes to come in the Operating System for the netbooks.
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Windows Me or Windows 7?
by centos_user on Sat 22nd Nov 2008 03:15 UTC
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I have to say, all of the hype associated with the next Windows release. One will notice with the economy going down the tubes, companies are using what they have and not buying the latest Windows software. Why would one want to buy Windows 7 what is the difference in it from Windows XP or Vista?

I find it amazing how someone can think this is so great, when just about any Linux distro will do a better job and without malware/viruses.

***The biggest difference between learning Windows and a Linux distro is learning how to manipulate TEXT files. I have to say, when one masters file manipulation and understands what is going on in the file system the advantage is a Linux distro.

Windows inherent flaws include old 16-bit code that causes memory exceptions and other legacy code they will not remove from the core Windows NT kernel.

Plus the fact, Windows is stuck in the 32 bit realm it is the biggest hindrance in getting out of this hardware arena. The performance of a 64-bit Linux distro on the same hardware out performs Windows 64 bit plus you can run Bind, dhcpd, mysql and it goes on and on....

No thanks, I will stay with CentOS, RHEL and Fedora they can keep Windows Me AKA (Windows 7) rehash from the same flawed NT kernel and 16-bit code.

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RE: Windows Me or Windows 7?
by merkoth on Sat 22nd Nov 2008 03:41 in reply to "Windows Me or Windows 7?"
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Yes, we all run DHCP, DNS and database servers from our netbooks...

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Well lets see, you could run a caching name server, for your home network...

I guess Windows users automatically veto anything that does not imply spending $10,000 for software to do one function when you can do it for the cost of burning an ISO but that is chastised because you said it was so...

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RE: Windows Me or Windows 7?
by tobyv on Sat 22nd Nov 2008 08:37 in reply to "Windows Me or Windows 7?"
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There is no 16-bit code in the NT kernel.

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RE: Windows Me or Windows 7?
by Traumflug on Sat 22nd Nov 2008 09:26 in reply to "Windows Me or Windows 7?"
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The Intel Atom is a 32-bit processor, so no 64-bit OSs on common netbooks in the near future.

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The Intel Atom is a 32-bit processor, so no 64-bit OSs on common netbooks in the near future.

The Atom is 64bit capable, but the portable models have it disabled for now. I guess Intel figures that 64bit doesn't make sense (yet) on netbooks.

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