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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "The Ubuntu developers have announced the availability of Ubuntu 9.04 alpha 1, the first prerelease for this version. Ubuntu 9.04 is codenamed Jaunty Jackalope and is scheduled for official release in April. The initial plans for Jaunty were published in September, prior to the release of Ubuntu 8.10. Ubuntu founder Mark Shuttleworth aims to boost the software experience and make the popular Linux distribution more competitive with Windows and Mac OS X on the desktop. Canonical intends to push the platform into the mainstream by putting its resources into upstream usability improvements. In addition to the ongoing long-term usability enhancement efforts, Canonical and the Ubuntu development community are focusing on several specific technical goals for 9.04, including improving performance and boot time and integrating web services more tightly with the desktop."
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RE[2]: web apps
by merkoth on Tue 25th Nov 2008 01:39 UTC in reply to "RE: web apps"
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Web apps do more harm than good. They take away the user's control over his/her data. Most of the time they are not free (as speech).

I can understand that MS tries to bundle its "Live" web apps with Windows, but a Linux distro striving for freedom should not embrace these kinds of web apps.

Like it or not (I actually agree with you), that seems to be the way the industry is taking and, if Ubuntu wants to be in a good position against the competition, the developers will have no other choice but to embrace these technologies.

I'm not denying the usefulness (does that word exist?) of these services and I think that they do, in fact, play a major role in our everyday online lives (I can't be without my Gmail, hehe), but sometimes having all these people watching what you do, what you watch or what you buy online feels kind of uneasy...

Time will tell, I suppose.

Edit: Just for clarification, I don't actually think that "Web apps do more harm than good", though.

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RE[3]: web apps
by unclebob on Tue 25th Nov 2008 14:31 in reply to "RE[2]: web apps"
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Wouldn't a quick boot (like 10 seconds) solve a lot of problems that suspend has? I mean, starting into a fresh state every time seems to be easier than having to let every driver etc. be able to handle suspend in a consistent way. On the other hand, I admit that having all those apps open and ready when coming back from suspend is quite sweet ;)

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RE[4]: web apps
by Wowbagger on Fri 28th Nov 2008 05:01 in reply to "RE[3]: web apps"
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10 seconds to wait before you can do anything? Not a solution. On my OS X laptop my wake from sleep is 1-2 seconds, it's instant. It's that what I want, I really don't want to have to shutdown my machine everytime I'm walking a few meters away. On OS X I just shut the lid. And once I want to use the machine again I open it. No waiting.

Apart from that however I am very happy with Ubuntu Intrepid on the Aspire ONE.

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RE[3]: web apps
by KugelKurt on Tue 25th Nov 2008 14:33 in reply to "RE[2]: web apps"
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that seems to be the way the industry is taking and, if Ubuntu wants to be in a good position against the competition, the developers will have no other choice but to embrace these technologies.

Bah, that's a b#llsh*t argument. The Free Software movement does not care about what the industry wants, because if that was the case, the movement had never started: 90% of the industry follows Microsoft
By integrating non-free web apps of Google it just shifts the proprietary market a bit -- the movement gains nothing. It may even result in loss of developers for mail clients or office suites....

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