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KDE The KDE team has released the first beta of KDE 4.2, slated for release coming January. Quite a lot of new features have been added, as well as lots of bug fixes and performance improvements. This release also makes a lot of strides to feature parity with KDE 3.x, by adding those small little features that KDE 3.x users are barely aware of, but which were missed in KDE 4.0/4.1, such as taskbar grouping, multiple rows in the taskbar, panel auto-hiding, a traditional icon desktop through 'full-screen' foderview, and so on.
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RE: Disappointment
by elsewhere on Fri 28th Nov 2008 05:21 UTC in reply to "Disappointment"
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Installs Kubuntu KDE4.1

You realize the article is about 4.2, and you're way OT, right?

installs ubuntu

And you found this a better route than installing ubuntu-desktop, since they're essentially the same distribution?

Says much.

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