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Linux Even though there are a lot of happy people using Apple's iPhone very happily, there's also a group of people who are not so happy, most likely because of Apple's rather strict policies regarding applications and developers. While most of these people would just jailbreak the thing, some take it a step further - by installing another operating system. Yes, Linux now runs on the iPhone (1st gen/2nd gen, and the 1st gen iPod Touch).
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RE[4]: Wha?
by sbergman27 on Mon 1st Dec 2008 21:00 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Wha?"
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Why does Solaris have less drivers? Simple answer: because until recently, there was no vested interest on running Solaris on any hardware but that which Sun endorsed.

If the stable internal kernel abi of OpenSolaris was going to encourage manufacturers (or third parties) to target it, that would have happened by now. Three and a half years of OpenSolaris is plenty long to observe any such effect there, and we should have seen lots of *new and current* devices supported by OpenSolaris that Linux doesn't support. We don't see that.

Regarding "not new" devices, OpenSolaris might gradually accumulate additional drivers, which require less maintenance, in that category. But that's the category where Linux especially shines, anyway, so the bar is set pretty high there.

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